Essential Oils & Yoga Poses For The Chakras: Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

Essential Oils & Yoga Poses For The Chakras: Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)


Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

Purpose, Spirituality, Enlightenment

Blocked by Ego & Attachment


Focus Pose: Head Stand

In this pose we challenge our perspective on life as we turn upside down while stimulating the blood flow, bringing a rush of oxygen into the adrenal glands and brain, helping to release positive hormones in response to stress, while helping with concentration. The pressure on the crown of the head is both revitalising and calming which allows us to connect deeper to ourselves.



Essential Oil: Balance Oil

Contains bergamot, neroli & rose geranium. This calming and uplifting blend is the perfect natural relaxant and will help you manage and prevent anxiety, nervous tension and stress that acts as a mood balancer.

BERGAMOT cheers your heart and soul, releasing blocked emotions. Sparks that enthusiasm for life again, assists in feeling refreshed and uplifted, regulating emotional turmoil. Bergamot oil is used in Earl Grey tea produced by cold pressing the rind of the Bergamot citrus plant.

NEROLI is the rescue remedy of essential oils. Neroli helps with making choices, creating space to make things happen, and helps to ease grief and emotional turmoil. It is useful in combating shock, reducing states of anxiety or stress by helping to calm and settle emotions.

ROSE GERANIUM is a type of Geranium not related to the Rose family. It helps balance hormones, enhances mood, and promotes feelings of optimism and stability. Ancient Egyptians used it for healthy glowing skin. Calms the mind and eases frustration and irritability.


To use:

Simply apply Balance roll-on balm to pulse points or use the essential oil blend and place a few drops into a diffuser to enhance and gain the full benefit of your yoga practice.


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