Leanne Batley

Secret Scent has been part of my life for more than two years now & there isn’t a day that goes by I do not use or talk about these products!
As an Orofacial Myologist I treat patients who often have allergies & congestion ...during their first visit to me I introduce “Breathe Easy” on a tissue and ask them to gently “breathe in” within seconds you can see the change in my patients their airways become clear😄 My patients are keen to buy the oil & chest rub!
I use Sacred Chi spray to cleanse the consultation area in between patients
Siesta is fantastic for my patients who struggle to sleep 😴
I recently had a trip overseas & was greatful to have my “neck & temple” refresher roll on perfect! Thanks Sharen 🙏

Alexandra Aitken

Secret Scent aromatherapy products are amazing! The roll on balms are my favourite, they smell incredible and work really well. I love the balance, focus and siesta balms and use them regularly. Sharen is super friendly and it’s always a pleasure to collect my products from her locally in Cronulla and have a chat :) I highly recommend this business.

Janine Pollard

My favourite oil is Breathe Easy. A natural remedy for colds, flu and sinusitis. I always have it on hand and a few drops in the shower or bath help clear mine and my children's sinuses. Sometime I even put a few drops on a tissue and leave under their pillow to help open up their nasal passage. It's my go-to oil and I see results immediately.

Julie Clarke

Gorgeous oils, soaps, creams and essential oils blends. We love all the products we've bought from Secret Scent. Favourites are Motherhood oil blend, Mandarin, Lavender and the liquid soap wash in the bathroom has the freshest smell it's so beautiful. They've been perfect gifts and very reasonable prices. Thanks Secret Scent 😊🌸

Karen Leeann

I can't live without my muscle and joint cream. I have one jar for each bag. Just amazing stuff, well done! You're making a brilliant change to our lives, it's simply the best....:)

Kellie Wilkinso

I have found the muscle aches cream fantastic for my achilles, which I have always had trouble with! Now if I use it before I box and when I go to sleep at night, I can walk properly in the morning.

Kirrilee Green

Personally, I can't live without Urban Goddess essential oil blend and the Rose Geranium hand cream! I also love massaging my clients with either Chillout oil or Muscular Aches/Arthritis Oil and the Neck & Temple cream - YUM!!

Adriana Cortazzo

I can highly recommend Sharen's services. She feng shuied my yoga room & not only has business been beautifully flowing but the energy of the room feels balanced. Thank you divine Sharen Turner.

Billi Keato

Without a doubt the best Feng Shui consultant there is ! Thank you so much Sharen Turner, for the Fone Shui consultation on my place in Shanghai. I can't thank you enough, you are a super star!

Vivien Pollard

Within a very short time amazing things have happened in career relationships and in the home front. You a gifted with a natural ability. Plus your warm caring and lighthearted fun nature just makes you a joy to be around.

Michele Keenan

I do have to tell you I love love love my Green and Clean pack - and I am now a permanent customer.. and for all you young chicks out there with little chicklings you should get onto this product. Nothing toxic on any of my surfaces.. I just cleaned my oven. Wow! It's sparkling. Took about five minutes. And I can still breathe!! No rubber gloves.. the list goes on and on. It's fabulous - love it

Rhonda Letteri

The first thing I grab when runny nose season starts is our Breathe Easy essential oil. I burn the oil in a diffuser and the refreshing scent of peppermint and eucalyptus surrounds every room, and everyone feels much better.

Kirrilee Green

I have been a massage therapist for 9 years and have always used Secret Scent products on my clients. Muscular Joint & Arthritis Cream has become an integral part of my treatment for all types of clients from athletes to the elderly. I find that it relieves all types of aches and pains - from acute injuries to chronic conditions.

Leah Palmer-O'Malley

I have been using Secret Scent Products in my massage studio, Bellies and Bubs Yoga Massage Beauty for approximately 14 years and absolutely love them.
As a Practitioner specialising in Pregnancy, Birth and women's wellness; I especially love the Mum's and Bubs range and so do my clients.
I know how much Sharen is passionate about her work and product and this is reflected in the quality of her amazing essential oils, creams and scrubs.
Love love love Secret Scent 🙏 🌸❤️

Natasha Simpson

Love love love Secret Scent! ❤😍❤😍
My 3 kiddies use the baby bath foam which has been the best for their sensitive skin and has the perfect amount of bubbles for a bubble bath 😊 and smells amazing! They also use the baby shampoo which makes their hair clean, smooth and shiny. I'm in love with all the delicious oils for my diffuser esp Urban goddess and my mum cant believe how much the muscle joint and repair cream helps her arthritis feel better.
Definitely can not rate all these products enough

Violet McCormack

We recently purchased the Balance Roll On Blend. Anyone who knows our son knows he can be hyper and emotional. First night he was having an emotional meltdown because he didn’t want to go to bed. We remembered the roll on and within 5 minutes of applying it he had slowed down enough to lie in bed with me. In ten more minutes he was asleep!!! This usually takes us hours to settle down.
The next night we tried it before dinner and he sat and ate all of his dinner without running around. So we applied straight after a bath and he went to bed no problems and stayed there!!! This stuff is amazing and I don’t think we will be able to live without it. Thank you Sharen you are a blessing

Rosa Roso

Couldn't rate this product highly enough. Seriously a savour after I recently fractured my leg. Total comfort packaged in a bottle. 10/10. Thankyou SHAREN x

Jacqueline Bell

I love these products. I’ve used the Siesta roll on for a great nights sleep and use both the Cara care and Santosa essential oils in my diffuser. In the skin care range my face sings after using the Mandarin & Walnut polish (scrub).

Tahu Rakuraku

Amazing products. Arthritis cream is an absolute lifesaver and our kids with ezema can only bathe in her baby bath foam. They are so excited to finally have bubbles!!! Thanks Secret Scent.

Amanda Jones

I love it ! I call it my "knee cream", it really helps take away the pain that wakes me at night.
It's soothing and smells great!

Bill Austen

The relief I received from the muscle, joint and arthritis repair cream from Secret Scent was apparent within a few days of application.
I would recommend this to anyone suffering from arthritis!

Helen Scaife
Pilates Teacher

The magic of the essential oils in muscular aches/arthritis cream, helps relieves sore achy muscles and even helped my sprained ankle!

Briony Howland
The Nesting Place

As a natural therapist and Mum, it’s really important to me that the products I use are completely natural and gentle on little one’s skin. I’ve been using the beautiful range of Secret Scent baby products for over 8 years and I wouldn’t choose anything else – for my children or my clients.

Ian Wells
Royal Coast Walks

I regularly do multi-day bush walks with a big pack on my back and the first thing I do when I come home is have a bath in Secret Scent Muscular Aches and Arthritis Massage Oil.
I love the stuff! If I am really lucky I get a massage from my wife afterwards, but if not I massage my legs and shoulders with it and I wake up in the morning feeling fresh!
No aches or pains and ready to go again, it's amazing! Did I mention I love the stuff?

Jenny Pearson

We have a Gift Shop in an aged Care complex in Mortdale and many of our residents suffer from arthritis and general aches and pains.
We suggest they use Secret Scents muscular aches and arthritis cream and have had a lot of positive feed back on the product. I myself use it on my lower back, as I get a sore back from standing in the shop all day.
We sell the small jar if they have not used it before and they inevitably end up coming back and buying the larger jar.
It is one of our best sellers!

Helen Scaife

Secret Scent Baby Bath Foam is a big favourite for my grand kids in Cairns, their mum loves it too and won't use anything else. She says it's the best bath foam and the lavender really relaxes the kids and helps them get to sleep.

Lisa McMahon

Muscle and joint cream, it's the best, it's magic x

Kylie Blue

Just "green-cleaned" Horizon Blue!! Very impressive, good bye chemicals

Penelope Birdsall

Secret scent balance blend for stress and anxiety has been an amazing help getting me through a difficult time with a family medical emergency. The siesta blend has also assisted me in getting some much needed sleep.
All the products are amazing!!

Jayne Noble

I have been using Sharens products for more than 10yrs as i have very sensitive skin. I have never had a reaction to any of her products unlike other brands. I also use her essential oils in a diffuser and even the pet “shampooch”! Breathe easy is a favourite in my house for my kids in the cream and oil. Highly recommend


Fabulous products, reliable service. The Clean Green package is amazing and a great introduction to the benefits of aromatherapy into your life. And for the dog owners - Shampooch is fantastic :)

Bianca Edgar

Sharen’s products are of the best quality and her knowledge is second to none! She is a beautiful lady inside and out and it’s always a pleasure doing business with her x

Louise Sargeant

I have suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis for the past 17years. Whilst I do take heavy medication to fight this disease, I could never find a product to help ease my pain in my joints when I could not exceed my daily meds. Thanks to Secret Scent’s Muscle, joint & arthritis repair cream. It has definitely given me relief. Love it

Alison Crowe

Secret Scent are amazing products, my favourite is after sum moisturiser, cool and soothing to the skin, giving great relief. I also love the Lemon Myrtle body lotion is smells amazing and provides great moisture to the skin.

Jayne Noble

my favourite is definitely the lavender facial cleanser!!!

Janine Farnell

I love your free feng shui chart that I downloaded from your site. It's so easy to follow!

Jacqueline Nickel

By the way, am loving the lime and coconut scrub, and Chloe loved her baby bath wash this morning, smells divine!

Susan Brandstetter

My favourites are mandarin and walnut facial polish for my home facial treatment; rose water spritzer which travels with me everywhere. My 4 year old daughter Lily loves it too. I use the Rosehip oil on my face at night to re-nourish my skin after a day in the ocean and sun. This is just the beginning of my list...

Noni Arnold
Former Head Podiatrist

I first started using Secret Scent Muscle Joint & arthritis Repair when it was launched in 1999. Mainly to treat troublesome arthritic joints in my hands and feet. I experienced substantial pain relief and confidently recommended it to all my patients and friends who suffered with similar conditions. It is great for joint mobilisation.

Jodie Cutbush Smith

I have been using the Secret Scent baby products on my 2 year old since the day we brought her home. Not only do they smell great, they gently cleanse her skin and hair without drying it out and the massage oil keeps her skin supple. I have tried other (so-called) natural products, but nothing compares to Secret Scent. Thanks Sharen for your beautiful products.

Mary Bancks

Love the personal touch and the holistic wellbeing approach and service. My favourite products are the after sun cream I also like my essential oil diffuser and the room cleansing spray


Sharen’s knowledge and products are magical! Secret Scent is my go to for everything. Once you try them you will understand why.

Vicki Powell

These are the best essential oils I have used.
The quality, expertise, passion and knowledge of essential oils and their properties makes Secret Scent products second to none.

Nicole Rigg

Instantly feel transformed whenever I use my Secret Scent products ! Which is pretty well daily ! For whether I just want to enhance that Sentosa balance or need that extra bit of Yin or Yang or the boost of some fiery Warrior energy! Plus the magical Chi Spray ... love how it clears and calms the sanctuary of Home. Sharen's creations are truly divine!

Debbie Hadfield

Sharen has a wealth of knowledge with the essential oils and her products are high quality and made with love. Great work.

Julie Stuart

Products are great quality. Good service. Run by a lady of great knowledge and integrity who’s passion for what she does shines through. Used oils and feng shui service.

Leanne Wild

Products are all natural and the personal service is outstanding so much love and care goes into everything and Sharen makes she goes above and beyond 👍from me

Natalie Novelli

Amazing products, the walnut polish is my favourite, with no micro-beads to pollute our oceans in sight, my teen girl loves it too as it polishes gently; the pink grapefruit moisturiser is a family favourite!

Mara Morrison

Sharen's knowledge of the right scent for me (and my children) has been a wonderful help to our family. Especially at bedtime!

Yvette Farrell

I'm really careful about what I put on my daughter's skin. I use only natural, ethical and safe products - and the Secret Scent baby bubble bath is the best. I used to have to bath my daughter in water only because her skin is so sensitive, so it was fabulous to find this all natural product that is not only delicate and soft on my daughter's skin but is also a good cleanser - and it makes great bubbles!
There's no nasty chemicals like you find in name brands, which gives me peace of mind and assurance I am doing the right thing by my daughter. I'm confident in Secret Scent's ethical, safe and natural baby products and would highly recommend them.

Karen Ollerenshaw
Oxfam Walker

I originally bought Secret Scent Muscle, Joint and Arthritis Repair Cream when I could barely walk for 3 days after doing a 100km. It gave me much relief and definitely helped my muscles recover. After leaving a big jar on the coffee table my kids started using it after playing their sports. My 16 year old son plays rugby league and often uses it on sore parts of his body after a big game and my 12 year old daughter has used it after soccer injuries and athletics. She recently had a sore neck and rather than taking Nurofen (as I am always saying "just take a Nurofen"), she says, "I don't need Nurofen, I just need that cream - we need to order more Mum!"

Patch Nosavan
Pattra Thai Massage Cronulla

As a massage therapist, I often used Secret Scents Muscular, Joint & Arthritis creams and oils during my sessions, particularly for our male clients who were very active and came for massage treatment for sports and physical work related tension. All clients loved its therapeutic effects during and after treatment. The natural scents were delicious and enjoyed again particularly by males where it was refreshing and uplifting without being too feminine.

Helen Conway

I have used secret scent products for about 15 years and find them beautiful in texture and fragrance and they do what they claim to.

Trina Johnson

I always buy the muscle & arthritis repair cream for my mum and mother-in-law, they both SWEAR by it! I personally use the natural insect repellent as my kids and I all prefer to use that than the toxic smelling supermarket branded stuff and it works just as well, if not better.

Robyn Jones

Beautiful oils to suit every need. My favourite is Siesta roll-on balm which both my husband and I use to get a great night's sleep. Sharen is vey knowledgable and offers and great service.

Melisa George

Beautiful products that work wonders like no others I know 🙌

Mary Jo McVeigh

The excellence of these products match the generosity that Secret Scents has given to my charity.

Melanie Headley

Love the natural alternatives. Have never experienced any rashes or nasty side effects from these wonderful product.

Nicole Johnstone

Sharen is amazing!! Knowledgable, helpful and a dream. She has fixed my skin condition with her beautiful hand balm and my favourite oil is her Jasmine - just devine!!

Anna Temellini

Secret scent products are great value for money! Got great advice on which oil blend was best for me!

Gail Pisani

The best oils for massage - all my clients love secret scent xox

Jodhi Clothier

We used Secret Scent neck and temple refresher after the 48 hour Oxfam Trailwalk.
Unreal stuff Sharen relieved all muscular aches and also pain from arthritis in my neck and temple, no sleep anxiety, fell asleep practically instantly!