About Secret Scent

Secret Scent is proud to provide you with Aromatherapy products of distinction. We provide only the finest quality carrier oils, the purest essential oils, natural extracts and floral waters in all our products. 

100% Natural

No Nasty

No Synthetics
or Preservatives

Meet Sharen

Sharen Turner is the founder and owner of Secret Scent. She was introduced to aromatherapy in Africa in 1989 by a friend who was growing roses to make essential oil.

Sharen was so inspired, she began studying aromatherapy both in Australia and London. Soon afterwards, Secret Scent was born. 

Living in the beachside suburb of Cronulla, Sydney, Sharen admits that Mandarin essential oil best describes her personality: cheerful, refreshing and inspiring!

1998 - 2012 Various studies with Feng Shui masters & gurus such as Roger Green, Master Feng, Gerry Heaton
2002 - 2005 Nature Care College, St Leonards NSW
Aromatic Medicine, Ayuervedic principals and Feng Shui practices
1997 - 2001 Endeavour College of Natural Therapies, Summer Hill
Diploma in Aromatherapy & Massage Therapy
2010 - REIKI I & II

More about Secret Scent

“It started as a hobby making foot cream whilst studying podiatry, then a few friends asked me to make a spritzer and my interest grew.”

Her travels took her to London where Sharen stayed to study aromatherapy in earnest. On her return to Australia in the mid 1990s Sharon established Secret Scents Aromatherapy, turning her passion for aromatherapy into a successful business.

“Now I have over 65 aromatherapy products for sale. The products are made of the highest quality carrier oils, the purest essential oils, natural extracts and floral waters.”

Secret Scents Aromatherapy has been a vehicle for Sharen to turn another of her passions, feng shui, into a flourishing business venture. Based on the ancient Chinese art of harnessing positive energy known as chi, feng shui is about harmonising your life with your environment.

Sharen offers feng shui consultations, advising clients on how to bring positive energy to their home and office environment. She walks the talk and has used the principles of feng shui in her own life and in the development of Secret Scents.

“Things just slowly fell into place with good feng shui as I needed them to happen.”

Sharen always aims for a feng shui balance, and makes sure she has time to indulge in her other interests. She loves dips in the ocean, beachside yoga, food, wine and good coffee.

Sharen’s advice for others considering starting a business is “love what you do, and you’ll never feel like you’re at work!”