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Feng Shui House Numbers

To find out your house number add all digits together to form one numeral, e.g.: if your house number is 313, add 3 + 1 + 3 = 7. Of course, these are just the basic interpretations of house numbers in Feng Shui. An experienced feng shui consultant can read specific energy patterns from the combination of your house numbers. If you have house number 4, don't panic! Please do not interpret the meaning of numbers directly, rather they can be looked at as a part of the overall Feng Shui of your house.


1 - Independence, new beginnings, oneness with life, self development, freshness
2 - Good for two people, balance of yin & yang, peace & harmony, co-operation, stability
3 - Trinity, mind, body & spirit, expansion, self expression
4 - Death, ending, completion. Four sacred directions (American Indian)
5 - Free, active, physical, energetic, adventure, transformation
6 - Self harmony, compassion, love, arts, practicality
7 - Inner life, mystical number, chakras, personal growth, solitude
8 - Infinity, material prosperity, abundance, flowing chi, blessings
9 - Humanitarianism, completion, wisdom, gratitude