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Feng Shui Tips For Lockdown


Make the most of these 14 days 💥@home 🏡
You’re home should be a sanctuary ☄️your inner world reflects your outer world 🌎 so make it harmonious 🌹
Complete unfinished projects that you did nt have time to do or start something NEW & exciting you have always wanted to do 💘
Declutter throughout, room by room, drawer by drawer, eliminate all the things that no longer serve you, ditch broken items, donate clothes that are outdated or no longer fit you, get your winter clothes ready if you haven’t already, clean out the pantry & the fridge, toss expired food, tidy the bathroom cabinets & check all the medications are still in date, toss expired toiletries, organise the garage 💥clean like a demon
Make good use of the kids this school holidays if you can, chores & pocket money to help sorting 🙄 as well as keeping them busy & out of your hair ✨
Cull your photos, deleted old emails & messages 👍
Make a TO DO LIST ⭐️
Potter in the garden if you have one 🌿
Join an online Yoga or Pilates class 🧘‍♂️
Cleanse your aura in the ocean if you can 🌊
Have FaceTime with your favourites people👫
Take a walk in nature 🌴
Start an online course ⭐️
Diffuse immune boosting essential oils 🌿
Sage & cleanse the energy in your home 🌱
Fix up your financials & tidy accounts ready for end of financial year💰
Pamper yourself - take a bath, put on a face mask, do a body exfoliation, do your nails, take a nap 👑
Avoid the negative paranoid plebs that try to sink you with their fear mongering tactics 🥲
Celebrate yourself with bubbles at the end 🥂
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