How To Remain Calm and Balanced with Essential Oils + Other Strategies

How To Remain Calm and Balanced with Essential Oils + Other Strategies


In this unprecedented time of unknowing, where there is global unrest, and mass disruption to jobs and security, it's important that we do everything we can to stay calm and balanced. So, what are some simple ways to do this?


1. Take a deep breath

This might sound really simple, and it is, but it's also incredible effective. Take a moment to focus on your breath, counting the breath in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4. If holding the breath feels stressful for you, then skip the holds. Make sure you are breathing down towards your belly. Breathing into the belly allows the diaphragm to expand, and in as little as 1 or 2 breaths, can start to activate your body's relaxation response (the parasympathetic nervous system).


2. Fresh air

While we are all spending extra time indoors at the moment, don't forget to get some fresh air. This could be as simple as opening some windows when you wake up to make sure you have fresh air circulating inside. Or you might be able to spend some of your day on a verandah or back yard.


3. Light exercise

Exercise = endorphins! You can keep it quick and simple by doing some squats while waiting for the kettle to boil, or you could look for a gym or yoga studio that streams classes online. 


4. Turn off the news and take a break from social media

Hearing the same stories over and over again are not beneficial. Remember that news tends to be 'worst case', and can encourage us to become fearful. If you're feeling socially isolated, try calling a friend for a chat instead of connecting on social media.


5. Maintain healthy eating habits

It can be really tempting to start eating comfort foods or drinking an extra glass or two of wine, but this isn't a great idea. With a decrease in movement and exercise likely, now is not the time to overindulge in food or drink. Overindulging (in food or alcohol) often results in feeling lethargic - definitely not balanced!


The Ultimate Tip: Essential oils

Essential Oils are obviously a favourite strategy here at Secret Scent, and our Balance blend is perfect for right now.


Secret Scent Balance Essential Oil & Roll On Blend

This calming and uplifting aromatherapy blend is the perfect natural relaxant. The Secret Scent Balance Essential Oil Blend will help you manage and prevent anxiety, nervous tension and stress, and acts as a mood balancer. It is also perfect for balancing the crown and heart chakras.

It contains essential oils of:

Bergamot, used as an anti depressant, it relieves nervousness and promotes cheerfulness. 

Neroli is said to be the rescue remedy of essential oils, and is beautifully uplifting.

Rose geranium is used for mood balancing.

How to use:

Roll on balm to pressure points, temples and wrists

Essential oils to go into diffuser or a few drops into a base cream or massage oil


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