My Sleep Apnea Ease Story

My Sleep Apnea Ease Story


My Story, by Sharen Turner, Aromatherapist (founder of Secret Scent established 1999)

I had gone to my Sleep Physician because of problems I was having with my sleep and breathing. This included an inability to lip seal (sleep with mouth closed) and breathe through my nose. I experienced feelings (during the night) of being jolted out of my sleep!

I would often wake feeling tired and wanting to go back to bed!

This was very distressing… I was very curious and wanted to understand why was this was happening.

My Sleep Physician asked me a series of questions regarding my lifestyle and sleep hygiene.

It was concluded that I was experiencing some sort of “sleep disordered” breathing that I should keep a diary for a month and return to the Sleep Physician.

I went home and started to examine my sleep routine critically.

Some of the questions I answered each morning;

  • Did I have a blocked nose during the night?
  • Did I suffer from chesty colds or have any breathing issues?
  • Did I like/love my pillows? Were they ergonomic and designed for my body type? How old were my pillows?
  • Was I waking to go to the toilet?
  • Was I waking to drink water?
  • What time did I go to bed?
  • What time did I wake and how did I feel upon waking?

Being an Aromatherapist helped me answer some of these questions in a positive way…

I had two essential oil blends that I had been making for clients ; one I called “Breathe Easy” and one called “Siesta.” My clients had always repurchased these two products and given very positive feed back.

I started using these two blends every night as well as changing some of my lifestyle habits which included; 8-9 hours sleep each night, increasing my water consumption throughout the day and reducing my alcohol consumption, meditation and breathing exercises before bed and addressing nasal and sinus issues as well as increasing my exercise regimen during the day.

It wasn’t long before I started to feel the changes! I noticed I had more energy, I felt rested upon waking and I was happier!

I went back to the Sleep Physician who congratulated me on my new lifestyle and looking at my diary could see where I had made these important changes.

I then thought, “How I could best offer these two essential oil blends in one for people who were experiencing similar sleep/breathing issues to me?”

I proudly offer my new Secret Scent oil blend “Sleep Apnea Ease

Breathe, Sleep and Revive.

Sleep Apnea Ease may help to clear the airways and assist with sleep disordered breathing, sinus and snoring.

*the changes I experienced happened and continued to happen within the first month of my consultation with the Sleep Physician

Ensure you read the Product Disclaimer.

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