About A Gift Before I Go

About A Gift Before I Go

"A Gift Before I Go" is a children's book that addresses the topic of Death and Organ Donation, shining a light on the gift of life.

This book was written as a tool to assist parents to have this difficult conversation, either during or after this challenging time.

The pure essential oil blend and roll on balm signature scent have been created for emotional and sensory support, during grief and life's challenges.

About the Author and Illustrator

In 2011, Leah's mum Chris died suddenly from a brain aneurysm.

Chris had always talked to Leah about her wishes to become an Organ Donor and through her passing gave 3 people the gift of life, which started their journey as a Donor Family.

Leah found dealing with Chris' sudden death hard to comprehend for herself but even harder for her 2 children Cheyenne and Brock, who were 8 and 10 years of age at the time of their Grandmother's passing. She wanted to help other parents who were about to face this challenging time and focus on the amazing gift their loved ones were about to give, whilst creating lasting memories in their final hours.

Cheyenne Leah's daughter, has brought the words to life through her beautiful use of imagery and colour. She has done this in a childlike way as she understands what these children are experiencing.

What scents make up the A Gift Before I Go Signature Scent?

A Gift Before I Go Essential Oil Blend properties, have been carefully selected to aid with grief and life's challenges.

This signature scent includes essential oils of rose, rose geranium, marjoram, lime and thyme.

Rose emotionally soothes and relaxes

Rose geranium balances mind and body

Marjoram calms anxiety and aids insomnia

Lime uplifts the spirit and brings tranquility

Thyme reduces nervous tension and fatigue whilst bringing strength