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Baby Massage and Bath Oil

Baby Massage and Bath Oil

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Relaxing and soothing for babies.  Softens and moisturises the skin whilst calming and reassuring unsettled babies.
Helps nourish dry skin and relieve rashes. 

Our baby blends are made with pure essential oils and plant extracts to help care for your precious baby naturally.

A perfect gift pack for a friend or relative who has been blessed with the arrival of a new baby. Contains NO sulphates, chemicals or parabens. 

Ingredients: Pure essential oils of tangerine, lavender and German chamomile in organic grapeseed oil.

To use: Massage a small amount of the oil all over your baby’s body using gentle, circular strokes. You can also add a small amount to the bath. Perfect for calming and settling before bed.

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Made with 100% natural ingredients, pure essential oils, organic cocoa butters and plant extracts to help care for you and your baby naturally. Our range includes products to calm unsettled babies, relieve colic, cleanse, moisturise and soothe baby's skin and help promote sleep, as well as products to help alleviate stretch marks, stress, morning sickness and varicose veins. No sulphates, chemicals or parabens.

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