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Caress Lymph Detox Massage Oil by Shivani
Caress Lymph Detox Massage Oil by Shivani

Caress Lymph Detox Massage Oil by Shivani

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Say goodbye to belly bloating, face puffiness, cellulite, swelling hands and feet, itchy eyes, and sinus congestion.
So why is the lymphatic system so important? Well, it's responsible for:
  • Absorbing and transporting fats from the digestive system
  • Dissolving and destroying waste products
  • Preventing fluid-retention (edema)
  • Transporting white blood cells to the lymph nodes for immune response,
  • Supporting the immune system

Swollen legs, a bloated belly, a puffy face, cellulite, and sinus allergies are all signs that your lymphatic system is congested! We need to be proactive and help our body's internal detox system.
Ingredients: Pure essential oils of lemon, orange and rosemary in cold pressed grapeseed oil. 

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Our body polishes buff away dead skin cells leaving skin perfectly cleansed and purified whilst adding moisture. Our moisturisers should be applied after cleansing and exfoliating whilst the skin is most receptive to rehydration and nourishment. These creams are a rich and luxurious blend of 100% natural ingredients. Replenish, repair, revitalise and restore with our all natural and plant derived bath + shower products. All our massage oils are based in a cold pressed grapeseed oil.
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