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Labour and Birthing Kit

Labour and Birthing Kit

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Empower your birthing experience with aromatherapy.

The use of specific essential oils in childbirth can strengthen and deepen contractions, ease pain and promote a calm atmosphere in which to greet your baby. This labour and birthing blend can reduce pain and anxiety and helps mother to relax in between contractions.

Massage into your abdomen, lower back and ankles during early stages of labour. This blend can also be used to relieve post-natal depression.

Labour and birthing oil is used by doulas, birthing centres and midwives for a natural birth or to help bring on labour.

Secret Scent's spritzer has hydrating and healing properties, perfect to refresh during labour.

Frankincense pure essential oil has meditative qualities that calm and ground. Enhances spiritual wisdom and reduces anxiety.


  • Rose water and cucumber spritzer
  • Labour and birthing massage oil
  • Frankincense essential oil

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