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Motherhood Roll On Balm

Motherhood Roll On Balm

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Helps create a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere for mother and child. Enhances calm and loving emotions. Relax and uplift the spirit reducing stress and anxiety.

To use: Apply to wrists, pulse point and soles of the feet. CAUTION: DO NOT RUB INTO EYE AREA.

Ingredients: Pure essential oils of lavender, tangerine and german chamomile infused in jojoba oil.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Margie McCall
Perfect gift for new mums

When new mums are focused 100% on their little bubs, they barely have time to shower. Now they can feel fresh and amazing with the Motherhood roll on. I just sent this gift pack to my niece and she loves it! Great gift idea, safe to use, smells amazing and it's all natural.

Julie Clarke
Fresh light and easy to use

I pass this oil around my classroom in my antenatal classes and absolutely everyone adores it.
I also show it to all the Birth and Post Natal Doulas I train too - they love it
It's probably one of the best blends I have ever used.
Totally inspiring, uplifting and all woman.
My orders are always delivered promptly - great service - more than happy to endorse!

How to use roll on balms

Roll On

Apply generous amount to temples, neck and behind ears.


Unscrew the cap and smell directly from the tube.

On The Go

The perfect product to take with you on the go