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Natural Insect Repellent

Natural Insect Repellent

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Insect bites can cause irritation, inflammation and infection. This all natural citronella spritzer repels insects and helps soothe and calm any bites. Also great to spray hat, bed and tent to repel mozzies and flies.  Can be used for bed bugs by spraying infected mattress. Safe to use on humans and pets 

Ingredients: Pure lavender floral water with pure essential oils of citronella and lavender.

TO USE : spray where needed avoiding eye area 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
This works

I've reviewed this before but honestly, I have to again. I was recently asked if this was b.s. by a bunch of guy friends when we sat outside + we started getting mozzie bitten, + I pulled out this spray.
No! I am more allergic to mozzies than anyone I know, apart from 2 blood relatives. It's stressful - I cannot sleep if there's a single mozzie that wakes me up. Because I know it will get me in several places + I'll scratch for days. I have to turn on lights + kill it, or sleep elsewhere where I can, shut off all windows/doors + I've done an inspection to look out for them.
Insanity but I have to. I get big, itchy welts.
I move between a few locations and have this spray in every place. I arrive and cover myself. It's medication.
Not all aromatherapy products work to prevent certain ills for me, but this does. It's genuinely fkg good.
Plus it smells lovely, unlike the chemically mozzie-offs (which I'm not against, but it's so nice to have an alternative that actually works).

Best insect repellant

Love this insect repellent, smells great and it really works.

Wow - a must!

This is a fabulous spray, not only is this aromatically pleasing, but it does wonders at keeping the insects at bay safely and naturally!

Louise Eddy - In Motion Lifestyle Centre
Natural Insect Repellent

Love this product - it keeps the bites away... thanks Sharen xoxo

Saved my legs

Stuck in an open greenhouse for a job all day in the rain. Realised I had this in the car thank god! Saved my legs and face, as I'm really allergic to mozzie bites. Handy size perfect and lovely smell.