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Rose Water and Cucumber Spritzer

Rose Water and Cucumber Spritzer

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The Secret Scent skin spritzer is designed to hydrate heal, cool and refresh tired skin. It can also be used as a skin toner, after cleansing. Great for reviving skin when travelling or when exposed to air conditioning.

Ingredients: Pure rose floral water and cucumber oil with essential oils of mandarin and pink grapefruit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cools Hot Flushes Immediately

I’ve been struggling with intense hot flushes at night that keep me awake for upto an hour at a time.
Now I keep the Rosewater and Cucumber Spritz on my bedside table to spray my face and chest.
I cool down immediately and I’m straight back to sleep(I’m thinking the rose scent relaxes me)
It’s a game changer!
I’m so grateful for this product🙏🏼

Julie Clarke

I've used this spritz a number of times as a Birth Doula usually to help a labouring woman avoid any nausea or feeling a wee bit down and it helps straight away.
I used it on a doctor I was supporting one day when she was breathing up too fast and having a little frantic moment and she got dizzy so when that contraction finished I used the spritzer and she was pulled back to normal and balanced within about 15 seconds. It worked!
I pass this oil around my classroom in my antenatal classes and absolutely everyone adores it.
My orders are always delivered promptly - great service - more than happy to endorse!

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