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Sacred Chi Spray

Sacred Chi Spray

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SANITISE  your hands on the GO, SPRAY hands and  rub together A powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-viral more so than Tea Tree. 

YOGA mat cleaner

Refresh the bed sheets in between washes or spray the hotel bed 

Great to sanitise on PUBLIC  transport including the train, plane, bus or ferry.

Rid bathroom ODOURS & smells delicious

Add to you mini diffuser for airborne germs

Cleanse your crystals 

Multi purpose spray for bench tops & hard surfaces 

Rid bad smells on the plane, train or bus 

Cleanse you aura by spraying above head or spray palms of the hands and rub together - then inhale for a pep up

Purifies and releases negative emotions and vibrations, whilst regenerating positive chi (energy). Cleanses the aura and chakras.

Perfect for healers and therapist to cleanse space in a room in between clients. The use of essential oils are used to create good Feng Shui, to clear the previous occupants' energy so you don't take on their illness, divorce or bankruptcy. Also comes in an essential oil blend, a roll on balm, and a kit.

Ingredients: Pure essential oils of rosemary, sage, lemon myrtle and juniper infused in lemon myrtle floral water. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chrissy Mason
Refreshing & cleansing

I use on myself, home and yoga studio!

Margie McCall
Best classroom spray!

As a teacher of young pre-teens, the classroom can get fairly smelly! Sacred Chi is a must for every classroom, it freshens up the space, and the kids love it too!

Love this!

Such a wonderful spray! The scent is glorious, freshens up the room/linen without overpowering. It’s a must have!

Sandra Evans
Chi spray

Smells amazing. Really love it.
Thanks Sharon

Marion Farrelly Farrelly
Beautiful scent

Utterly beautiful smell. Fresh and clean. I spray it on my yoga mat before practice and on my pillows at night. Totally blooming lovely.

More info on smudging and space clearing

What is smudging or space clearing?

A smoking bundle of sage (known as a smudge stick) is a powerful tool - used for centuries by Native Americans to revitalise, cleanse and heal.

Space Clearing is an integral part of Feng Shui which reduces negative ions in the atmosphere. The Sacred Scent Smudge Stick or Sacred Chi Room Spray can be used to cleanse and clear dormant negative energy and regenerates fresh, positive vibes by promoting good Feng Shui. By using this powerful tool in a 'smudging ceremony' it will also cleanse and purify the physical and spiritual bodies by removing negative energy and releasing toxicity and cleansing the aura and chakras. This will bring relief, harmony and peace into your life and to your space.

Why should I do a sacred smudge or space clearing?

Have you walked into a home or office and had that feeling something is not right?

Have you ever had a string of problems with career, health, relationships or money?

Then a sacred smudge might be what you need to clear any lingering negative energy and to promote abundance in your life.

When should I do a sacred smudge or space clearing?

Moving house or a new home purchase
New baby
New relationship
End a relationship
Starting a business
Changing job
If you are ill and having trouble getting better

How to use Sacred Smudge Sticks

Light the end of the Smudge Stick and place a bowl or plate underneath as you cleanse to ensure no ash drops or burns the floor. Concentrate on all corners of the space, paying particular attention to areas you don’t usually go near to remove stagnant energy and create positive, flowing energy.