Autumn Feng Shui Advice

According to Feng Shui, the balance of Yin and Yang energies is an important goal in our homes to feel at peace. So when we enter this time of the year Autumn that is more Yin (cold, still, and dark) we crave the balance of Yang (warm, active, and bright).

Autumn is governed by the element of Metal which is a cold and contracting energy associated with creativity, communication, inspiration and symbols. The emotion associated with metal is grief.

Because the Yang energies are now weakening and the chi is now Yin in nature, it is a perfect time to gather in your energy, reflect and slow down!

Yang denotes birth and rising to maturity, whilst Yin represents a declining phase. It can be clearly seen with the changing of the seasons; the Yang phase brings birth during spring and major growth during summer. The Yin phase of Autumn and winter see a decline, in order for life to start over again.

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