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Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Schway) is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging the physical objects in your environment to attract positive energy, which then attracts the flow of chi (life force energy) within a space. Establishing and maintaining good feng shui in any business location means that there is a better chance of productivity, profit, and overall smooth sailing within work relationships – be it amongst your staff, or with your customers / clients.

Sharen Turner – business owner, Aromatherapist, and experienced Feng Shui practitioner gives us the low down on how you can make a few subtle changes around your office or workspace to attract this positive energy yourself, and make your business benefit in the process. We’ve put together a helpful list of do’s and don’ts that are super-easy to implement, and I bet there are somethings you might never have even realised!


When choosing the location for your workspace, you must be mindful of your own first impressions. Your location has to simply “feel right”. Are you immediately comfortable in that environment, or does it bring you down by being a bit dull and dreary? Obviously you have to be open to the space’s potential, but don’t get swept away with the excitement of finding a new place. Make sure that you remain judgemental, and look at all of the pros and cons objectively.

Busy streets are ideal for any business that deals directly with the public, while quieter streets, and the rear of buildings are better options for those that require good concentration and high productivity.

When you display your company logo or your motto, never position this down low or on the floor as it is symbolically not good at all. You don’t want to be constantly walked over in business, but instead you want your business to be held in high regard – so therefore, you need your logo to be positioned this way also.

A clock above the front entrance reminds staff to be on time, and should also keep appointments with clients running smoothly as well. You should aim to have a good balance of ying and yang when decorating your workspace – by this we mean balance light and dark colours, soft and hard surfaces, and smooth and rough textures within your furnishings. Add natural elements wherever you can, such as plants, and natural sunlight. And avoid placing mirrors in your office, as these can reflect negative energy from your clients and then project these vibes onto you and your colleagues.

Positioning yourself:

Remember your back at all times, as this represents support. You should always have a comfortable chair with a high back for good support. Uncomfortable or flimsy chairs are not good for the long term health of your back, neck and shoulders. Sitting with your back to a wall also promotes a supportive work environment.

Try to sit in the corner that is farthest from the entrance, as this indicates a commanding position (the best positon for the boss or leader to be in). Do not sit with your back to a door or a window, especially if you conduct your business from home – as symbolically, work and money is said to come to you through a door. Don’t arrange your workspace so that you look directly towards a corridor, stairs, or the toilet, as the positive energy can flow right away from you in this case.

Don’t sit at your computer with bad lighting as this won’t be productive at all, but also (and surprisingly) don’t place your desk underneath a skylight – as this will disperse the chi straight up through it.

And lastly, de-clutter:

Make sure that you keep all electrical cords to your office equipment well hidden, as this eliminates clutter and encourages the free flow of chi. A big de-clutter is the original rule for feng shui, as this helps ensure that your office functions well, and the chi flows well to enhance performance.

So it seems that organisation and a tidy space really is the key to the positive flow of chi.

“When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for good, orderly direction to enter” – Julia Cameron

Sharen Turner is a qualified Aromatherapist and Feng Shui Practitioner boasting skills, training and experience that has spanned over 18 years, both in Australia and abroad.

Based in the southern suburbs of Sydney, this “urban bohemian” thrives on the values of honesty, integrity, and giving back to the community. Her favourite things include ocean dips to cleanse the aura, quality coffee to start the day, and of course, her mum!

For more info on the principles of Feng Shui and its benefits, you can get in touch with Sharen via her website – right here at Secret Scent Aromatherapy.

Article written by Danielle Tinkler

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